Sunday, July 27, 2008

Creating a favicon on your Blogger blog...

You need a favicon. Don't argue with me, yes you do. Because I'm so frickin' tired of looking at those orange squares with the funky "B"s in them. So, please. Create a small image, ideally 15x15 pixels, call it something.ico (you might need to save the file as a .gif, then change the name of the file so that the extention is .ico... that's how I did it), upload it to the location of your choice, then do this:

* Click on the "Layout" tab.

* Select "Edit HTML".

* In the scary-looking code there, find where it says "[title][somethingorother][/title]. Click after this to put your cursor there.

* Press "enter" to drop to a new line.

* Put "[link href="''" rel="'shortcut" type="'image/x-icon'/"] (where "locationofyourimage" is the actual location where you've uploaded it to).

* Click on "Save Template".

(Replace all the brackets with the opening and closing tag symbols, of course!)

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